We are Ari and Max. We grew up in the same Chicago suburb and both spent a lot of time traveling independently, especially in Africa. We built 40k because it's something we've always wanted for ourselves -- a way to remember where we've been and share where we want to go.

We chose the name 40k because the circumference of the earth is 40,000 kilometers (about 25,000 miles -- and that's how the meter was originally defined, as a fraction of the distance around the earth) and it's fun to think about circling the globe.

In our launch version, you can add nearly 300 locations to your map that you've visited or are dreaming about visiting and you can select up to 5 of them as your favorites. For the percentage country counter, we are counting the 195 UN countries/observer states as well as Taiwan. Coming up soon you'll be able to add notes for each location to add more memories and context to your map.
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